Seller Information

Why you should use Tom as your Realtor

  • As your Seller’s agent Tom will use multiple advertising sources to market your house. Tom will keep up to date on house pricing trends and keep you informed and make recommendations based on his frequent research.
  • Tom will put your home on the multiple listings which can then be viewed by thousands of Real Estate Agents.
  • Your property will have an original flyer made and displayed in the flyer box on Tom’s highly visible sign placed in front of your home.
  • Tom will have open houses to promote your house and keep up public interest. Before the property is even listed Tom will do a walk through and give suggestions for staging and making the house show its best side.
  • If there are any questions anytime in the process Tom will do his best to answer that question or find and expert in that field that help.

Another way to look at how a buyers agent works…

Using a restaurant analogy your sellers agent is like a good maître d’ who runs a restaurant smoothly, the good sellers agent will make sure your home sale is as smooth and quick as possible.

Let Tom be in charge of coordinating all the details and be the “maître d” of your home sale.  Tom and his team will make your home sale as smooth as possible.

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