My pets are a very important part of my life .


Loveable Vinnie the Rottweiler doesn’t actually live with us, he lives with my wife’s parents. But since they are only 5 minutes away from us and Sieann (Shy) goes over to their home every day he is like another dog to us. Vinnie is a true clown and there is no person or animal that Vinnie does not love.

Sieann (Shy)

Shy is our current Rottweiler and she is a wild child. Now that she is a senior she sleeps a bit more but still is very active and loves to go to dog shows and compete in obedience with Bliss

Picard (Pickles, Captain Picard, Buddy)

RIP Can Ch Ebonstern Picard v Zauber CD RN  1998-2011

Picard loved eating, sleeping, going for car rides. But ultimately he wanted to be with us. He enjoyed other dogs but really was a “people” dog, preferring people over other pets. He would do anything to get us to let him go with when we went anywhere and usually he won. Picard was sweet enough to play gently with wild baby bunnies and protective enough to bark at the moon for us.

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