As a Personal Trainer Tom is always looking for fun ways to get people moving. One of these is SkyBall. It is kind of like ultimate frisbee combined with  soccer.
The Rules:

  1. A team will have 3-6 players on the field at 1 time
  2. Ball can be held for no more than 5 seconds then ball is turned over to other team
  3. When in possession of the ball,  player may advance the ball on foot with 3 steps ONLY
  4. If at anytime the ball touches the ground, possession changes to other team. Intercepting team gets the ball where it lands.
  5. NO contact with another player
  6. No tackling, pushing, grabbing, or slapping of the ball
  7. Penalty of 1 minute per violation, 3 penalties out of game
  8. When 2 or more players have held of the ball (more of 2 sec) at the same time A jump ball is played – ref. toss into air – ball is batted to opponent
  9. When possession is taken by the other team at the goal line Ball must be passed to a team member and passed again before a score is made.
  10. Any ball that goes out-of-bounds is to be put into play at nearest line
  11. Ball must travel through FRONT of goal cones, either by passing or by someone traveling 3 steps.
  12. Goal cones are placed at 6’ for 50 yds and smaller or 8’ for larger than 50 yds

This game is a lot of fun and a great way to get some aerobic exercise. All levels of fitness can play this game.



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