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To keep my life varied I have several different “jobs”.
I am a Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Western Realty
I own Blue Heron Massage and Personal Training
And I am a Student at Bellingham Technical Collage studying for my Computer Science degree.

Tom was born in Novato CA and shortly there after he moved with his family to Hawaii where he spent his first years.

Tom moved back to Santa Rosa CA as a toddler and developed his love for swimming, Music, cars and hiking. An accomplished swimmer Tom learned about setting goals and working towards them while on his high school swim team.

While taking some general education classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College and working at the local video store Tom met his future wife Bliss. Tom decided to join the Army to further his education and provide service to his country. In the military Tom earned his Physical Therapy Assistant certification and lived in San Antonio TX and Springfield MO.

After finishing his active duty training Tom went back to Carmel CA to work for awhile while awaiting his permanent reserve duty post. In Carmel, Tom and his wife worked at Nielson Bros Market a family owned business. It was not uncommon to have customers ranging from Clint Eastwood, Bjork, John Travolta or Mario Andretti shopping at this store. It was while working in this store that Tom learned about the importance of customer service in running a business. Once Tom received his permanent reserve duty posting in Washington state he relocated to Bellevue WA where he worked as a physical therapy assistant. As much as Tom and his wife enjoyed the city life of Bellevue, after several visits to Bellingham, they realized Whatcom County is where they wanted to call home.

Tom and Bliss lived in Deming for several years before buying their first home, a small rambler, by Lake Whatcom. It was while living in this home that Tom decided he wanted to pursue the field of massage therapy. Tom took the program at Whatcom Community College and graduated in 2003 and became a licensed massage therapist.

After selling their home by the lake and buying a fixer upper in the lettered neighborhood, Tom learned enough about real estate that he realized it would be a great career to go with his growing massage therapy business, Blue Heron Massage. Both jobs had the flexibility that Tom could schedule ample time for his clients needs, whether it was an appointment to look at houses or an appointment to massage away the stress of looking at houses, Tom was able to accommodate. Tom became a licensed realtor in 2006.

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Tom was slowly fixing up his craftsman in the lettered streets neighborhood. It was during this project that Tom learned how to tile, paint, hire out the electrical, dry wall, fix plumbing, paint, not fall through rotted decks, and paint some more. It was also where Tom realized his talent for working with hardscapes, such as rock walls and pavers stones. Tom decided it would be good to get in shape and add some additional training for his massage practice and  graduated from the Certified Personal Fitness program and Bellingham Technical College in 2010.

Currently Tom and his wife and their dogs live in Whatcom County where they take advantage of the great places to walk their dogs.

9 thoughts on “About Tom

    • Whatcom County is in the North West corner of WA state. It is a beautiful place with mild weather, mountains, water and lots of unique places to hike and play outdoors. Bellingham is the main city with plenty to do, restaurants to visit and great small venues where local musicians entertain.

  1. Hi Tom,

    I’ve been making the rounds introducing myself to fellow Bellingham/Whatcom bloggers. I’ve established a new blogroll titled “Bellingham Blogs”, where I’m listing local blogs that I like, and have added your blog to the list.

    It occurs to me that you are a true Bellingham/Whatcom archetype, as I have met a lot of people here over the last 18 years who, like you, hold a variety of part-time occupations that you piece together in order to keep things interesting. I admire that!

    I look forward to following your blog going forward.


  2. good to read about your life and travels. I was in the Golf course business for thirty years. I was the golf supt. at the Bellingham golf and country club for twenty and started my own golf course construction co. in 1989. Local courses I was very involved with was Loomis Trail,(progect manager) Shuksan golf course (built 90%) North Bellingham golf (worked over a year building features) Lake Padden ( all new bunkers and tees), Several other courses and remodel work done,until I got tired of traveling. Decided to try and fine something more year round and secure. I have been working at Western Wash. Univ. for almost sixteen yrs. I also am in the fitness business as I now run the Western Wash. Univ. Rec. Center. I take care of all the My favorite passtime is BBQ. I went to school and am now a certified Pit Master. Maybe somday I may own my own Southern BBQ restaurant. Well enough , and I am still weighing my options. ” That Darn Stockmarket” Later Dale

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