Walking the Railroad Trail

I often have been asked where my office is located. I usually tell them anywhere outdoors rain or shine. Here is an example of where my office is located today. One of my weekly appointments is to walk for about 45 minutes. She is one of my successful clients that I have been working with for over 4 years today. 3 years ago she could not walk more than a couple of blocks, now she can easily walk 3 miles. These pictures are from a trail we usually walk and turn around at the Alabama Hill Bridge.

alabama hill bridge 7

alabama hill bridge 8

FYI: If you ever want a good steep trail for intensity including stairs go on the Klipsun Trail up to the Northridge Park. If you are walking and depends where you start, it will take about an hour to an hour and a half.

trail map

This is Alabama Hill Bridge at sunset……             during the day.

For the Enterprise/Daniel Berman Lynnwood, WA             alabama hill bridge

The view of the Railroad Trail from above. The bridge has a viewing area where the circular shape is located.

alabama hill trail 11

Here are two views from that circular area.

alabama hill bridge 4

alabama hill bridge 3