House Hunting

With less houses on the market it has become very very competitive in the 200,000 to 250,000 price range of homes. Which of course means spending as much time with clients as possible so they can get an offer in on home if it is the house for them. Of course there are some things that just need to be shared…

Beautiful views (we had sunshine, snow, hail and then sun again all within a few hours)


and because I can’t resist a little “CinemaScope” boost of the above photo.


Nothing says buy me like pink wallpaper and red shag carpet in the bathroom.


When staging a room the experts say to be sure to “define the rooms function or purpose”. So I guess this would be the sitting, eating, furnace room with a cooler full of extra beverages so you do not have to go back to the kitchen room?


Drum roll please…Ladies and Gentleman, the worlds smallest Master Bathroom!!!


Indoor greeters…


…and outdoor greeters.

House hunting can be stressful, make sure to take the time to stop and enjoy the details.