March 2011 Sunnyland Neighborhood

One of the reasons Tom went into real estate is his love for houses. Old houses, new houses, fixed up houses, fixer houses, big houses and small houses, modern, contemporary, craftsman and any other form of architecture. Tom and I enjoy looking at homes and one of our favorite things is to help someone find that “perfect house”. In doing so we have discovered many fun neighborhoods in Bellingham and Whatcom County and thought it would be fun to feature some of them. This will be a series of different seasons and neighborhoods. If you have  favorite blog that features different Bellingham neighborhoods, please feel free to put it in the comments.

I am starting with Sunnyland. It is a neighborhood close to town, parks and shopping. There are lots of families and nice sized lots with plenty of backyard gardens and occasional chickens. The alleys are fantastic to explore and a treasure for any photographer that likes the quirky. One other tidbit is the  great neighborhood open house called  The Sunnyland Stomp.

The views from the alley’s just make you want to kick back on some chairs and hang out with neighbors.

There is even some living roofs…well natures variety.

These stones are dry stacked (no cement) by hand. It wraps around the whole side of the property.

Simple but beautiful.

Amazing detail.

And of course there is even wildlife.